FSX File Guide

fsx file guide

View the chart below for information on common files used by FSX and how to view or edit them.

File ExtensionFile TypeRelation to FSXProgram
.airAir Config FileControls how the airplane flys.AirEd
.fxEffect FileCould be a smoke effect, afterburner, wing vapor, etc.notepad, or other text editor
.cfgConfiguration FileA configuration file for an aircraft, camera, scenery, etc.notepad, or other text editor
.xmlExtensible Markup LanguageTypically a supporting file for a gauge, or flightplan or scenery data.notepad, or other text editor
.bglScenery FileScenery file for FSX. You can export to a bgl, but cannot open it up with anything.NA
.bmpTexture FileTexture file for aircraft. Typically used in third party aircraft. Some .bmp textures are extended bitmaps, and require specials programs to view them. If windows explorer does not generate a thumbnail for the file, or Windows Photo Viewer cannot open it, it is mostly likely an extended bmp.Bitmap: Any Image Editor
ex. PhotoshopGIMP
Extended Bitmap: DXTBmp
.ddsTexture FileTexture file for aircraft. All stock aircraft use .dds textures.Image Editor: ex. IrfanViewDXTBmp, Photoshop (with plugin)